Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seattle Hot Dog

While in Washington, Chad and I went to Home Depot, (I guess you can call it one of our dates)!.  But as we drove up, I noticed there was a hotdog stand right there in front of the store.  Well, after we browsed Home Depot for a long while, (remember I was with Chad “The Tool Man”),  I felt hungry, so I went to check out the hotdogs.  They had all kinds of dogs.  Chicago, California, and some others, but I just can’t remember right now.  But they had a Seattle Dog, and since we were living right there next to Seattle, I had to know what one tasted like.  And guess what?…..I liked it, and so now I make it for my family here in Utah!   

All you need is:

  • Hot dogs,  ( I used Beef Brats tonight, and I didn’t like them, but you can try it if you want)
  • Buns / slightly toasted
  • Onion / sautéed
  • Cream cheese (I don’t know how Home Depot Guy put the cream cheese on, but I cut it right when it came out of the fridge into thin slices, and it worked great.)  Put one slice per dog.
  • (optional) sauerkraut, relish, ketchup, mustard

It’s All Good!!

Seattle hot dog

Seattle hot dog (7)

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